It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

It’s the time of the year again, it’s my annual tradition to bless this PSLE Survival pack to my beloved p6, as their early Children’s Day gifts. Academics aside, I need to take care of their emotional needs as well. As much as they have prepared for their exams, they need some tender loving care. It’s quite amusing to watch their faces. They could not believe a teacher will go to such lengths to buy and give them as gifts, with no strings attached. I tell my students I don’t expect anything in return, if so, just write me a card and that’s it.  There was an ex student, whom I heard from his sister whom I taught as well, that her brother would display my cup of goodies on his shelf, untouched. He treated it as a trophy. I was pretty touched to hear that, but reminded the sister to relay the message that his brother needed to finish the snacks which had expiry dates. Another I heard was, my ex student got her mum to buy the exact snacks to replenish her stock.  Oftentimes, we are too busy in work to notice the nitty gritty details. All these overworked students need are a word of encouragement and a pat on their backs. I will go through the note given to them. Being a Science teacher, I gave them the nutritional facts and they are happy to drink their favourite beverage. The Power Thoughts are important too. A positive mindset is the first step to success. Some prep talk is dished out as a chicken soup for the mind too. Sincerely praying for my p6 to be successful in their own right, a bright future ahead for each and every one of them! 


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