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Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Crayons Upcycled

Boys were curious why the crayons were in the heating pan. Today’s lesson was on upcyling crayons. Again, they were real excited to get the lesson started. 

Instructed the boys to pick 5 used crayons each to mix into a new colour.

Beautiful mix of colours bubbling happily together, waiting for a new lease of life.

Safety first. Oven gloves are a must to protect my students from danger. Need to keep a watchful eye on them. They took turns to stir. Great teamwork. 

Colourful mess, waiting to be unmoulded when dried.

Sequential description. Recalling what was done over the activity. Tapping on their prior knowledge.

Building up to a full writing. They gave me their answers orally, I helped to firm up their writing skills.

Final product! Same same (used crayons) but different! (new image)

Before and after. Beautiful, aren’t they?

Show and tell! They were proud of their brand new crayons. Yay!

By Shirleen

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