5 Loaves, 2 Fishes

Today is a special day as this marks the official day I am not opening my Saturdays for lessons. Feeling bittersweet. Bitter, as for those who are fellow tutors, we know weekend catchment is the best to earn, as most parents send their children for lessons, which was what I have been doing for the past 10 over years. Sweet, as I know as a mother, I am called to be there for my young hearts, to spend time with them, and to nurture their needs. It has been a struggle as personally, I am reluctant to give up my ‘黄金时间’, and besides cutting off my Saturday classes, I have to even cut down my weekday night classes so my boys can sleep early and wake early for their morning classes next year. Which means, a definite drop in income. I am prepared to earn lesser, as in the working world, you work less, you earn less.  But God is really amazing. In His world, I found I actually work less, and earn more! Before you cast stones, let me explain. My tuition services extended from individual to small groups ever since the day I decided to keep to a certain time for work and certain time for family. Calls, enquiries, word of mouth, referrals, etc started coming in. Some come and go. But the actual numbers on hand are more than enough to match the current amount I am earning. This is my first time banding small groups of lessons too. But I am confident and prepared to take on, unlike previously. I believe God is preparing me for my next phase of journey. Really love that God does make use of what we have in our hands and multiply them, so much so we have more than enough. Exceedingly, abundantly. Also, the courage to decide what to let go of, so He can give us more. For me, it’s the decision to let go of my night classes and Sat classes. I am blessed with more! Glory to God! Looking forward to a great 2018 ahead!

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