26 Oct, Thursday, 2017Throwback 1st day

Trying to capture as many memories as possible, especially for this trip. It has been my husband’s wish to have the whole family on a vacation. We booked this period to beat the peak season, and it was a mad rush for me, packing with whatever time I had after tuition. Felt a tad guilty when one of my p5 kids commented I am going to enjoy myself while he takes the exam… oops… Kai is super excited as he helped to pack the luggage into the taxi. It was the moment he has been waiting for after counting down for months.  Small one clueless what’s going on but excited nonetheless. Loving tender moments like this. Pray their sibling love remains for life. Impressed with the kids room hotel in Kao Hsiung! Worth the money spent! These toys really helped to buy me time as I unpacked the boys’ stuff. The  boys love them too! Noah’s Ark blocks. Good quality ones too. Toys at the side table too. Almost missed this. Books too! I’m so loving this room! I do love the bible given too. Adds a nice touch. Hope to have time to read. Good night every one!


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