Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Seed Planting 

Lesson preparation for another day of Experiential Learning!  Seeds checked. Soil checked. Pots checked. Water checked. Went through the procedural steps with the boys before giving them space to attempt on their own, with my help of course. Getting the boys to touch the soil to connect to their prior knowledge of how soil feels.  Nice, good, smooth, rough, shiny, are their attempt to describe. Water – the catalyst to jolt the seeds to life. Slow and steady. Their response to my instructions got better by the lessons. Told them once on how to water the soil and they could remember without much reminder. Scattering their seeds carefully.  Writing time again.  Final end product. The boys were so fast today. Writing accuracy was reflected in their written work. Taught them Science key words so they can remember next time. Never too early to learn! Lesson ended earlier today and the boys had some pockets of time to play. They lamented why lesson ended so fast every time and were sad the holiday programme is ending soon. One asked why they can’t have lesson till night. Gulps… haha

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