Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Back To School!

Glad the boys got used to what my expectations are. Come to class, take out stationery, water bottle, their activity books, sit and wait. Today’s lesson is school related. They cut out the template and I further cut them into pieces for them the match back. Friend in need is a friend indeed! Helping out when his buddy needed some help. Story brainstorming time! There were 3 girl characters in the story and the boys did not want their mummies to be the victim, so okay…. let me be then! It’s amusing to see how protective the boys are towards their mums. I hope mine will think of that too. Haha.. Love how serious he is. Check his pencil in one hand following the words on the board, and one hand on his written work, to check for spelling errors. That’s how I like my students to be, ‘ownself check ownself’ pardon the singlish here. Hee. Last part, full writing. Wanted to give them a break for snacks and they said they wanted to eat and write at the same time. At first, I thought they were so sensible! But on hindsight, they might not want to do as HW! As they did that last week. Haha.. They still did not complete, but the speed was much faster. Lesson ended in a jiffy!


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