P1-2 English Class 2 / 16 July 2019 / Tuesday / Pop Up Animal Craft Writing

Roarrrr! We knew we picked the right crafts for this class when we saw their responses after announcing what they were going to do. This class is an all boys class, and what more in common, is their love for dinosaurs! They could really rattle on the different names and species, which put us pretty much in shame. The best we can identify is the T-Rex. We started off with a short movie clip about dinosaurs, and we got right to work after that. For this class, we customized the writing contents to be the same for all, as we had anticipated time would be spent for the boys to share about dinosaurs. We did get them to read out the story on the big screen before writing down in their books, and they were to draw out their dinosaurs too. Check them out!
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