P1-2 English Class 1 / 16 July 2019 / Tuesday / Pop Up Animal Craft Writing

Our Lower Primary students love the crafts for this week, and they were very excited to talk about the animals given to them. Getting them to talk is one step to writing well. Ideas are needed for writing, and if a student knows how and what to write, the flow of a writing piece is easy peasy for them! As our classes are small, we have the luxury of customizing and maximizing our learning. We will try to pick different crafts for our students, and call them one by one to encourage them to tell us their stories in their own language, which we will then help them edit and neaten up their sentence structures. They will then head back to their seats to write out their stories and we will mark for any errors. Finally they will take turns to read out their stories to the class, as part of their oral skills. You will realize we are hitting many birds with one stone. Do not belittle their young minds, as they can really give you surprises with their ideas!
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