SBC Oral Sample 1

*Post PSLE Prelim English Oral* Following our 3 tips shared last week, we talked about BIG PICTURE, INFORMATION and SHARING. One of our p6 student’s topic was on ‘Returning Trays’. Below is a sample of how a student should prepare himself/herself while waiting.
1) Big Picture: – moral values – social responsibility – every one plays a part. 2) Information: W+H => – Where did/do I learn social responsibility before? – What did/do I learn about social responsibility? – Why did/do I learn about being socially responsible? – Who shall I show social responsibility to? – Why do I need to be aware of this? – How shall I display such act? 3) Sharing: – think of real life examples of yourself displaying such actions, like clearing trays, picking litter around the area, if any. – if you have not done so, then just say so. Many of our students still think they must give a model answer. We teach our students to stay truthful, yet still able to hold a proper conversation with the examiners. – For eg, ‘I did not return trays before, as most of the time, the aunties or uncles will have already cleared them, or my parents will do so. Sometimes I am lazy too. But, now that I am older, I will try to take responsibility of helping to return the trays.’ This approach makes the conversation more authentic. We will share more oral tips. Do save and share around. Attached is a video on returning trays for your eye pleasure. Our students had a blast watching that!


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