SBC Oral Tip 3

PSLE Oral Mini Tips: TIP 3: Sharing We love the new PSLE Oral SBC format, as it gives a lot of space for discussion among a student and the examiners, particularly sharing of personal experiences.
After you have prepared your W+H questions and answers virtually in your mind, be confident and enjoy the session with the examiners. Even if what you had prepared were not asked by the examiners, you would have already been warmed up by your own preparation, following Tips 1 and 2. Share as many of your own experiences and personal stories, that helps you to be engaged with the examiners. For example, “I hope to learn rock climbing one day, as it is a healthy sport, and it helps me toughen up my will power and discipline. Although I think rock climbing is risky, I will still go ahead to learn if I follow the safety procedures carefully. When I was young, I was scared of heights, but now as I am older, I will like to try out rock climbing…” The possibilities are endless, and we encourage our students to go all out and talk. This is the best “air time” for them to showcase their abilities. Follow our FB page for more sample examples.


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