Nov-Dec 2019 Holiday Programme – Graduates

Life is never the same once something new is learnt. Thus, we are glad to present a gift of appreciation to our students who had enrolled in our holiday programme to enrich their learning. Coincidentally, the SEA Games 2019 was between end November to mid December, and our students were delighted to get their hands on their medals. And in case, any one is wondering, these shiny objects are not made of gold. Same colour, different materials. Heh. Nonetheless, our students gamely posed their medals proudly. IMG_4493IMG_4533IMG_4565IMG_4707IMG_4708IMG_4769IMG_4770IMG_4771IMG_4877IMG_4952IMG_5048IMG_5049IMG_5050IMG_5051IMG_5052IMG_5053IMG_5060IMG_5339IMG_5342IMG_5412


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