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2018 – Paper Lungs & Writing (p5)

Festive season? Timely for a splash of red for today’s lesson. My intention wasn’t along that line till I looked back at the pictures. They looked like 2 big red ang baos. I asked A & R why their ‘Lungs’ were red paper. Their answer made sense. ‘Coz our blood is red!’ And their further adds on was that the flowers could be the ‘air sacs’, and they could draw out the bronchioles and add them. So creative!

So off they went to sketch their ‘Lungs’ to show me before tracing in black.

We can see how strong R’s lungs are!

A demonstrated a clear image of how lungs breathe.

Both ‘lungs’ at work.

After the fun, there needs to be work done of course. They had to record their observations and reflect on their work. Seat work was also carried out to show me their learning abilities.

Writing news article. Usually I will get my students to flip, read and choose their own articles to write on, but since lesson for English is only 30min, I got to be flexible to adapt and create a suitable lesson for the girls. So far works well and they are quite fast to catch on. So for today, I picked an article as a sample for them to work on, and guided them on the W+H questions.

Girls writing down after going through with them.

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