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2018 – Blue Black! (P6 Science) – starch, iodine

Went through photosynthesis today and it was productive. J was fast in memorizing the steps of testing a leaf for starch and could produce quite an accurate explanation.

Her ‘show & tell’, step by step explanation, as she called it. Hehe. Impressive, I would say. When J is focused in her work, she can really deliver results.

Prepared a tray of variables for her to carry out the experiment on testing for starch.

Dripping the solution carefully on the variables.

Observing, recording, evaluating, analysing. All the process skills that are needed for any Science tasks.

Final results, in black and blue. The cooked potato yielded a much more obvious colour, as compared with a raw one, which I did with E yesterday.

After the experiment, the usual seat work done by J before lesson ended.

By Shirleen

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