2018 – TASER For Compre Open Ended

X underwent a weaponised lesson today – TASER for better marks in Compre OE. Taught X skills needed to take note of when tackling the final yet challenging section in PSLE English. We zoomed in immediately.

Round 1. I set time for X to complete within a certain time frame with certain skill sets. Not bad. He told me he did not pass in this section for P5. He’s happy there was improvement.

Round 2. To complete the rest of his questions within a certain time frame too.

As the lesson ended, X was more confident in that section, and he commented that his school teachers did not teach in such depth. I understand, as I had been there before. It’s very difficurlt to cover in great lengths at one goal, with the amount of time allocated in most primary schools. I try my best to teach X as much as he can absorb. Glad he left the lesson feeling more confident.

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