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2018 – Rice & Food! (P6 science)

Today’s lesson. Rice and food. Pun intended. Not cooking rice to eat, of course. It’s for experiment! The first hands on was on frictional forces.

The trick to lifting the bottle with the stuck chopstick is that the rice grains need to be compact enough to be able to ‘grip’ the chopstick. That’s frictional force.

Boys trying to lift the bottle with the wooden sticks.

2nd experiment. Food web! Now that makes sense. It’s purely coincidental that today’s lesson seemed to be on good. Did a simple food chain explanation and quickly did a short hands on activity with the boys.

It was gratifying seeing them build a food web from scratch. Initially, they were not confident. As they took turns to stick an animal card, their confidence got higher, as they slowly understood the whole process.

It was messy, JY said. Precisely my point. Food web IS one big mass of mess, but it’s a beautiful mess. It’s an ecosystem, a platform that sustains life!

I wrapped up by showing them how one living thing is dependent on another living thing, and so on.

By Shirleen

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