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2018 – Primary 5 Science – skeletal

Full house for today’s lesson. My Wednesday girls attended today, in lieu of Chinese New Year celebration. Still quite spacious the room. Hee. Talked a bit to the girls too. Since all here, might as well repeat my expectations so they will keep up to my pace. Told them once I do revision for prior topics taught, I would expect them not to forget, otherwise, it’s ineffective if I got to keep revising.

After the prep talk (nagging), they went straight to work and I covered what they should complete for their homework.

What is Science lesson without hands on!? The girls hooray-ed when I whipped out a stack of printouts for them. Talking about girls power!

Incomplete bones to set. That’ll add to their homework list, which I’m very sure they are glad to do.

By Shirleen

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