2018 – Lower Pri

The boys went through one actual writing today. They read the model compo and they attempted to form their own stories. It’s heartening to know they are slowly getting more confident to read, spell and write.

Words they could not spell, I used the opportunity to build up their word bank list. I jotted the words on the board and got them to write.

They took the initiative to want to present their stories. Good platform to practice their oral skills, so I let them have a go.

Their writing skills have slowly improved, especially R, who is in Primary One. He attempted to write out his own story. Still raw, but real effort!

Math time! R was happy he did not have to do model drawings. He was contented to complete pages after pages of questions not involving models. I decided to break the momentum to give him a confidence booster. Seems to work!

As for A, his model drawings showed improvement too. He told me school has started him on model drawings too and he is more confident as he has a head start. That’s great to hear.


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