Feeling Unappreciated

Shared this in a tutor support group. ‘Just to rant a little. It’s a bit sad. Parents tend to find current school teachers and not ex moe school teachers to tutor their children, unless by word of mouth. In terms of experience and knowledge, I’m sure ex moe teaches like me, won’t lose out to our counterparts. But sometimes to hear the preferential comment is quite disappointing. Who says ex moe teachers are not up to date with the current school syllabus. On a side note, I am grateful that my students are referred via word of mouth. Do most of you experience anything like me?’
Heartened that most tutors responded positively, encouraging me on. Below are the comments to encourage me by. ‘Agreed. Ex MOE teachers are sometimes perceived as “unable to teach or understand the current syllabus as well as current teachers”. That’s not true for sure. On the other hand, some current school teachers like to introduce new and weird Maths techniques that do nothing to help the kids except to confuse them.’ ‘Their loss. Not the kind of client you would want to help. Keep looking, don’t give up!’ ‘Well, of course if you are confident of youself, then it’s really their loss. Such parents are typically very merit-driven; no improvement, and out you go. So it’s probably your blessing, Shirleen Tan’ ‘Well, I applaud most ex-teachers who are full-time tutors because they are awesomely good mentors as well. Let’s keep your fingers crossed that parents will change their mindsets in no time. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« πŸ‘©β€πŸ« believe in your teaching capabilities and drop their doubts about you all.’ ‘That’s probably the general impression but those who have met a tutor who was formerly a teacher, or even never been one, can attest that in the end, it’s about the teaching competency of the teacher and his/her temperament. Never mind those who have that mindset… agree with the other tutors that it’s their loss. Find those that will stay with you because they know your worth. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ To qualify, competency doesn’t translate to getting good grades, but how to handle various students of different capabilities and continue to encourage them to be independent learners.’ ‘I shared the same sentiments as you. Somehow, parents feel that we are like a rusty iron on the shelf. It was monstrously unfair but we know we can make a difference in their academic journey and their attitude in learning.’ ‘More often than not, only the BEST TEACHERS leave the service cos they wana spend more time perfecting their craft, rather than spending time on mundane things like collecting money, forms, endless meetings, projects, book checks, event planning…(add on to d list)’ ‘Educators are like wine. The older, the better…’


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