Interactions(Food Chain/Food Web)

“It’s Science lesson now? OK!!!” My student’s face always lights up when it is time for Science. He will always quickly pack away his English books and get ready. We revised on Food Chain/Food Web and my son’s flashcards came in real handy! Simple concept on food chain. My student enjoyed the process of sifting through the animal cards and thinking how to build the food chain into a food web. 20170313_18130520170313_182227 Students love to role play, and I made my student explain the food web to my son (had a fever on that day) and they enjoyed the “mini” lesson together. After I had wrapped up the lesson, I got my student to write down what he has learned. It is important for them to pen down their reflection for self-study. 20170313_17594220170313_181522 Love the hands on activity done my student. I love it when students take ownership of their work!


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