Rome Is Not Built In A Day

What I’m going to write is solely on my own opinion and I make my stand as I have seen what I teach works through the years.

I was sad that a parent dropped me like a hot potato after the 2nd lesson. Not sad about the ‘potato’ part, but sad that she had no patience to witness the growth in her child. Parent was upset that I did not check her child’s school work after guiding. Well, the child is p5 and he should be expected to be able to retain specific information and write in his own words. I was quite taken aback that I was supposed to check his work. When I took a closer look at one of the questions, he did not follow what I explained to him at the side (refer to pic). Ok, I got the picture now. However, I still make my stand that children at that age, should be trained to capture key answers and write in their own words. That’s how to learn and score. The child is actually smart and a nice chap. He’s like a gem waiting to be polished. Alas, the parent is not willing to wait. It’s only the 2nd lesson and she expects miracles. I cannot create miracles, but I create opportunities for a child to strive, thrive and grow. 

Hope other parents are more understanding. Thank God my current batch of parents are nice.

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