Tables Turned

Oh yes, now it’s my turn, as a parent, to help my 4 yo prepare cards for his school teachers. His penmanship does need improvement. A. Lot. Of. Improvement. Although I am a teacher, I admit my patience for pre school age is private limited. Simple words as seen above, but to get my active son to sit down and write, it took 20 full minutes! Granted, I allowed him to choose which cards for which teachers, but he kept changing his mind and ended up with the above. Next, came the writing part, and despite me practising with him on a separate piece of paper, he messed writing his name on the blue card, on purpose! Argh.. imagine his school teachers having to deal with a class full of such mischief… thank God for a spectrum of teachers whose hearts are filled with patience for such behaviour. I am humbly in awe of preschool teachers! 


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