English Fun Testimonials

Writing Enrichment 

Did a pre assessment on 2 cutie boys. Reminds me of my own boys. Haven’t done Lower Primary for years since I’m always given upper levels to teach. Today’s lesson brought back memories when I was in school. Enjoyed myself as much as the boys did. 

Did a short introduction on about themselves. 

Experiential learning. Making a simple Oreo Milkshake!

Hands on fun!

Yay! They could not wait to slurp their finished product! And it was good! They claimed. 

Writing down the steps they had done for making the Oreo Milkshake, and enjoying their cuppa goodness.

Glad the boys enjoyed the lesson, and it’s important to set the first lesson right to encourage future learning. 

By Shirleen

We are serious about sowing the seeds of not only wisdom and knowledge into your children's heart, but also the seeds of courage and problem solving skills in this real world. We want to reap what we sow. Join us for some harvest time!

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