Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Muffin Making!

Start of English Writing Enrichment. Getting ready for my lesson!

Tables and chairs all set up! Waiting for my students’ arrival.

Portable whiteboard feature. Able to keep away on days with no lessons.

Went through my lesson objectives with them before moving to the kitchen. 

Ready to bake!

Boys got right down to work. They washed(their hands), they opened(flour mix,milk), they poured(flour mix,milk,cracked egg), they mixed(ingredients). I dropped the mixed batter into the muffin maker wells and they added some chocolate pieces onto the batter. They were cautioned not to touch the muffin maker for safety reasons. Whilst doing, they were supposed to remember the steps while completing the task. This is known as Sequential Description, which I would reinforce and tap on their description to help them write into a simple writing piece. 

Of course, they could not wait to try out their own muffins! 

Writing down their experiential learning in full sentences to wrap up today’s lesson.

Final writing! It’s such a satisfaction to be able to scaffold them into building up their writing skills, one step at a time.

Highlight was the sinking their teeth into the yummy muffins! Yes, they said they would bring back 2 each to give to their mummies. But no, the mummies told me they did not get to eat! :p

Glad the boys enjoyed themselves and one even booked me for his Science 2 years later. We shall see. šŸ™‚

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