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Lower Primary English & Math 

Pulled some books for the boys to read while waiting for their lesson as they were early.

Building up a word bank from the English Guide book that I prepared. They were supposed to describe the bear inside the book and came up with quire a few impressive words. All to be written in their word bank books.

Start of the new year. A’s penmanship looks different! Nice and neat! They were using the pens I gave them.

R’s handwriting is so neat too! Impressed. Thanks to the parents who helped to enforce his writing skills. 

Same book, differentiated writing. One writes out vocab words, the other writes out sentences using the words. As they are of different levels, I got to be mindful of the pace and speed. Most importantly, the ability to absorb. For A, I challenged him to integrate the vocab words to form a sentence. That’s what I always do with my lower primary students, instead of just learning the words, they should know how to apply these words meaningfully. The best way to learn – write in a sentence.  A caught on fast and he was able to come up with his own sentences. R wrote those vocab words, to get used to writing longer letters in words. He will be challenged to write out in sentences at a later period, as he is still getting used to P1. 

I think they should write in pens. Or is it a new year resolution to write neatly? I am so impressed!

Math time! The boys were excited as this is something new to them – model drawing. However, they soon realized it wasn’t that fun drawing just boxes after all. Oops. I am pretty strict in this area and made them redrew their ‘boxes’ a few times as I was not satisfied with the way they presented their model drawings.

Both boys hard at work, to redraw their models after rejecting their work a few times. 

Perseverance pays! Finally did what I expected! Well done boys! Not perfect, but the effort and never give up spirit is there!

Wanted to give them another set of question, but the boys indicated they wanted to come up with their story sums. That’s a good initiative. Thus, the names, numbers and objects were suggested by them. They were then try to draw out their own models, which is given as homework. 

I also got them to highlight the key clues in the story sums as a habit first. As the story sums get more complex, the clues will guide them greatly.

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