Write & Draw

Today’s lesson for the boys are writing and drawing. Writing composition and drawing models. Introduced the w+h questions to the boys. They caught on well after doing a quick explanation for them. As R and A are of different levels, I split the writing portion, going through 2 model compo books concurrently. Using their level books, they are tasked to pick out the W+H answers. R’ s passage was simple and he could pick up the who, what, where, etc easily. A was using a p3 book, which was slightly tougher but he could manage to identify the questions. I plugged in the rest of the gaps. Their next task was to write a compo on their own. I’m being honest here, their final product wasn’t to my expectations, but it’s the first time I did not hand hold them to write, and I would say, it was a good attempt. They need to get used to writing on their own progressively.  Next up, drawing models! Again, set some questions, went through some skills and I tested them to draw out on their own. Math is usually about finding patterns, and with the 2 examples above, I drew lines to help them see the link, on how much info they should include in their models. It’s painfully slow in the beginning, but slow and steady wins the race! 


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