2018 – What’s the Matter?

Midweek fun. Wednesdays are Science lessons all the way! I love Wednesdays too, perks me up midweek. 

The faces say all. Yes, that’s right. Science time! I did a simple experiment on using water, to demonstrate the 3 States Of Matter. 

E1 read and highlighted his lesson objectives, and E2 helped to prepare the materials. Both were clear on what to do, and the experiment began!

Spooning the ice cubes in the plastic bags, rhe boys identified the ice cubes as in the solid state.

We taped the bags to the window sill. I asked why there. E2 (no knowledge of Science concepts) quipped it was due to the heat from the outside, which would cause the ice cubes to melt. Great analysis! E1, not to be left out, rattled what he had learnt from me, that water can exist in 3 States, and we are observing how solid turns to gas. Right on too! Peer motivation!

They gave names to their bags.

As the objective of the experiment is to observe the states of matter, they took a step further and applied more heat to the ice cubes. Again, I ran through some key words with them.

I like my students to problem solve issues. I challenged them to think of a way to make the ice cubes melt faster. Both got the solution – open the windows!

We closed back the windows after getting out objective met.

Back to reflection and extension of learning. 

E2’s interpretation of his own Science journal. He even gave ratings. So cute! I’m glad it’s 5 stars. This was not even guided by me. He came up with the before and after sketches on his own.

Lesson extension. Could not remember who asked about air having weight and we watched a short experiment clip. They understood and they sketched, as shown above in my guide book. Hands on, real learning. My passion.

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