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2018 – A Lesson Of Balloon & Writing Fun!

Healthy competition is good to motivate each other to be on their toes to learn. Challenged both of them to see who can build up on the concept map better.

They delivered not one but two maps! And the work was great. They transferred their work from the board to their books.

Simple activities like this beats doing the mundane route of teacher speaking and children listening. There should be interaction and engagement.

Experiment time!!!! My students top on their list each time.

This experiment is on showing the differences to how a body breathes at rest and when a body moves.

Jumping to get the heart pumping. Blow the balloon, observe, measure, record!

Steps are repeated till the objectives written in my IT task book is completed.

They encored to do the activity again and measured the oxygen exhaled.

Back to business to do their reflections and some questions to link back to the experiment.

That’s the effect I want too. Learning Science should be like this.

The last 30 min was scheduled for English, and again, the girls preformed well. A was able to write solid descriptions of my tasks given to her. R was not around last week and she missed that lesson, but she could catch up fast enough too.

By Shirleen

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