2-18 – P1 Preparation (k2 English)

Finally S has a lesson on her own, at her level. Previously she was with her sister and not many things I can do with her, though I did quite a lot with her.

Learning English meaningfully is an art and one really needs the endurance to pull it off. S has made quite a good change with just 3 weeks of lessons. Consistency is one key.

Today, we did a craft with writing. With splashes of different colours, it’s easier to encourage children to describe more in their writing.

Olaf, her purple ‘pet’ dog is completed!

Next, I built in writing skills like describing the craft she did into a simple paragraph. It was a guided piece for a start, but her ideas were good!

Writing time! After going through the story with her a few times, she got to work by writing on her writing paper. This builds her writing skills slowly.

The last step was a show and tell, to read off her story and this take was perfect. It was not the first take. It was a few rounds but she spoke with more confidence each time. Great job, S!

Finally dried! Will pass to her sister over her English lesson later on.

Olaf, the purple doggy! ❤️


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