English Fun

2018 – P1 Preparation (k2 English)

Today’s lesson was on a colouring craft with writing. I upped the challenge by getting her to give me more sentences when crafting a story.

Colorful artwork right? Exactly the effect I wanted! I engaged her in describing the colours she used for her craft and translated them into sentences.

It was a little too much for S to focus on writing and she was really slow initially and not confident to write. Thus, I adapted by getting her to be the little teacher and got her to go to the board and teach me how to read the words and which sentences to write. Worked well!

I got her to cross out the words she had written so she could follow what she wrote as well. Initially her speed was really slow, but I persisted and after a while, she picked up speed and confidence. She could read almost 80% of the words with repeated revision along the way.

Yay! Just on the dot to complete her writing. Aside the spelling errors, she did well within a time limit and I’m sure she will do better the next lesson.

By Shirleen

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