K2 English/25 July 2018/Wednesday

Although the craft was similar to our P1-P2 English class, the delivery of the lesson was different. We focus more on the procedural text type writing for our K2 class. This helps them to develop a proper structure and foundation for writing. Slide1 We went through the steps and got them to write down, then to decorate their crafts. The girls coloured and pasted on their crafts, and we used the chance to teach them colours and textures along the way. Their completed work! With imagination and creativity, our girls did a fantastic job. Slide7 We break down the lesson into bite sized information for our K2 girls to understand, before merging them all into small paragraphs. Our aim is to give them space to grow in terms of getting used to writing in longer sentences, to help our K2 students to transit into Primary One seamlessly. Slide10 Our girls tried out their fruit of labour – spinning their wheels!
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