P4 English Sept Special 2018

We always try to do something different over the holidays, and the one week holiday is no exception. We run an Escape theme-like programmes for our P1-P5 levels, into different disciplines like English, Math and Science. It was fun! Slide1 For our P4 English class, they had to write, what else, but sentences (as it is an English writing class) but with a twist. They were given scenarios and tasked to write five sentences to match the given scenarios. The only guide they had were their English descriptive books, and some team work! The time limit given to them added adrenaline to them, giving the boys the extra push to work against time. There is such truth that humans can indeed perform under some form of pressure, as seen in the example below. Their creativity added a touch of humor when they had to write about saving the character from some deserted island. Inspired by their creativity, they marched on to complete the other tasks after discussing together. We love to see how they take ownership of their own learning, from planning to actual. We make it necessary for them to box up any creative phrases so they know how much to add when writing a composition. Slide8 They completed the tasks, and they had to solve the last part to unlock the mystery. This involved some Math, but they handled it well. Mission done! LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/ Visit: https://sowingseedz.myshopmatic.com/2019-primary-english-science-classes

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