P3-P4 Science / 13 Sept 2018 Thursday / Magnets

We recapped our last topic on Magnets, before we headed for our SA2 Exam skills and drills revision. We did recapping and adding more notes to their Scrapbook. We believe their own note taking will help them further in their revision.

The highlight will of course be the hands on activities. They were excited to see the array of mixed magnets and grabbed what they liked to play with first. As usual, we sneak in questions along the way:

  1. Whether a bigger magnet has stronger magnetism
  2. Why 2 magnets repel or attract when brought together
  3. Which magnetic materials can be attracted to magnets, and the list goes on.

Getting them to tinker with the real McCoy helps our students LINK & THINK concepts with actual scenarios better.

We covered quite a number of areas and our students had fun with them! Lesson overran and we had to make way for the next class.

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