P4 English / 24 Sept 2018 Monday / SA2 Exam Skills & Drills

We managed to capture some shots of our SA2 Exam skills and drills preparation. This is different from our regular classes. We run an intensive session of exam techniques one month before the exam, to prepare our students adequately. We find this more effective than dispensing practice after practice over the months, as our students find it dreadful to undergo such mundane routine. So do us, thus, our delivery of lessons are different and unique. Usually, many students are weaker in Comprehension Open-ended. We are thankful to be in a position to guide our students to tackle the toughest part of the other components. We did a detailed lesson on how to maximize their marks and avoid careless mistakes when attempting the section. To be honest, this takes some time to get results. Students on one hand, need to be disciplined to read through the passage, decipher the questions asked, and expertly answer the questions. At P4, this is a right time to help them master the art of answering comprehension questions gradually till when they hit P6.
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