K2 English / 2 Oct 2018 Wednesday / Unicorn Craft Writing

S did her compo writing earlier ahead of time, as she was the only student for that day. Time was well spent, as we got her to put her creativity at play, using textures and materials to make a 3D drawing. We got her to weave a story and share with us after that. This is also part of learning, honing her oral skills and confidence. We love giving our students blank materials to start with, and witness how their masterpieces come alive, from scratch. Slide1 We asked S to draw, design and decorate her favourite objects at the moment. Fill up the spaces with drawings, colours and beads. She certainly did not disappoint us. As her art work slowly took place, the effects were amazing. She is more confident to express herself and took charge of her own learning, which is good! That is what we at Sowing Seedz aim to achieve. Final product! Look how detailed her work is. We are loving it! Her story telling was top notch too, considering S was very shy and could not express herself very well when we first had her. The roots of confidence are certainly growing, and it reflects strongly in her performance. Well done, S! Slide6
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