Class 3 / 4 Dec 2018 Tuesday / Light & Reflection

Class 3: Science Experiment Hands On

Today’s lesson was a recap lesson on Light. We did some lesson recall and a beneficial way is by creating a mind map to aid in learning. Again, we love to see our students using bright splashes of colours in their work.

Hands on time! Our girls watched a short video clip on assembling one of Science STEAM packs on Light. We guided our girls on how to identify the aim of the experiment, the materials needed, the procedures to do, observations and conclusion.

Look how lovely the reflection of images are! We gave our girls time to explore and experiment.

Just a simple tweak of positioning mirrors give us a different image perception. The girls’ “homemade bracelets”, as they called it, just by using a button and 2 mirrors to create the images.

Lesson ended with writing down what they saw and experimented. Again, the different colours helped to make their work look more eye-catching to easy revision.

We love to conclude using actual questions from Science exam papers. Below is an extract from one of my Science materials that I created. With a sample question extracted from a top school past year question, we got our girls to identify the aim, observation, conclusion and so on. We believe in guiding students into linking what they do (hands on) to how they write for their process skills questions. It takes time to build skills and awareness, so it is good to start early.




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