P4 Science / 6 Dec 2018 Thursday / Electromagnet

At Sowing Seedz, we strive to make lessons as fun as possible, especially for Science. Children learn best while having their hands to explore objects to experiment and make sense of what is happening.

For one of our projects in the Dec programme, we sourced for suitable mateirals to make learning more engaging for this topic on Electromagnets.

Again, we minimize hand holding our students to complete the task. We maximize their responsibility to complete the task instead. This helps them to build more confidence, cultivate self-learning, discipline and perseverance. We want our students to be thinkers and doers when they grow up.

We were proud that IZ completed the whole set up on his own with minimal help, from twirling the wire around the nail, to connecting the whole set up and succeeded in turning the nail into an electromagnet. After his observation, he had to record what he did, as part of the learning process. It was indeed a job well done!

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