Class 1 / 10 Dec 2018 Monday / Food Craft Writing

Class 1 –  English Writing & Math Skills Our December programme is designed in such a way that at any point of time, any of our students can come to attend any 4 lessons out of the 10 days we have planned for that. Today, we have two lovely siblings joining us for this week. It is going to be a fruity and healthy lesson! It was not difficult for our class to get the ingredients and materials prepared, and they were briefed on some safety and hygiene matters. After making their food crafts, we got them to start writing out a story related to what they did. Again, they did not disappoint and we discover one pattern that strikes very clearly to us. We have new students coming here and then, and one similarity is that they are very capable of brainstorming ideas, and we are just there to guide them on how to write the sentences out grammatically and adding adjectives to spice up their stories. We teach our students how to think, instead of giving them what to do.

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