P5 Science / 19 Dec Wednesday 2018/ Water Cycles

We have started our P5 Science classes. Science is a tricky subject to teach, where now most schools touch on different topics concurrently. We decided on Water Cycle, as this  topic is like a bridge to what our students have learnt in P4 – States Of Matter. It is something light for them to handle too.

Excited again, our class could not wait to get their hands on the experiment! But first, we got to lay down some rules to manage their expectations and did some lesson delivery.

Hands on time! After making sure they had what we wanted them to complete, we gave them time to create and set up their own experiment – to draw the water cycle on the ziplock bags.

Once done, they helped one another to drip the green coloured water to indicate the levels of their water cycles before they started to observe. We helped to neaten up their final products.

We taught the class how to set up their water cycle bags where they could observe over the week and got them to do some seat work before lesson ended.

This was the result over the week, where their mummies sent me their virtual homework. Aside the incorrect spelling which we highlighted to the parents, their experiment was a success!

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