P5 English / 28 Jan 2019 Monday / T.A.S.E.R Skills

When it comes to the Upper Primary, we focus on Comprehension Open-ended skills as well as Oral skills to help prepare our students to be ready in P6. We created our compre skills strategy – TASER, each letter representing a focus skill. We are very sure most school teachers also have their own skills to pass on to their students. The question is – do students follow? Do students put into practice? Thus, for the lesson, we frankly told our students that comprehension OE is the most dreaded part of the exam component to be tested, and we have yet to find one student who loves doing that! We know it takes a lot to score the marks, and we want to make learning more enjoyable and palatable for our English students. Thus, we come up with a tacky TASER acronym and lots of colours to entice learning! Whilst covering our TASER skills, we squeezed in time for compo brainstorming as well. Just to make sure they are on track. slide1 slide6
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