June Programme 2019

Dear parents

The much awaited June days are here! We know that holiday periods are always erratic, with students going for extra lessons, CCAs and even overseas! We totally understand the need to have a break, and we encourage our students to do so, even for ourselves!

Hence, we decide to split the holidays into 3 portions – our STEAM Workshop, PSLE Preparation Workshop and Regular Lessons. Below is a more detailed explanation of how this model works.

1: STEAM Workshop 1 Combining the disciplines of Science, Technology, English, Art and Math into one, this STEAM workshop focuses on scaffolding and building up your child’s academic skills, through fun and challenging tasks.
  • For K2-P2, a range of challenges (STEAM subjects) are posed to our students for them to solve. They are to brainstorm ideas to complete the tasks and end the task with a story. This fulfills the STEAM subjects. Furthermore,  they will also get to present their tasks and share ideas with one another, building confidence speaking in front of others. Students get to take back their STEAM kits too!
  • For P3-P6, this focuses more on Science experimental learning. Through exploring, students get their hands “dirty” on completing the experiments back to back, observing and recording their results. All the experiments done are aligned with MOE syllabus and most commonly seen in exam questions. We believe when students are engaged in learning, they are able to THINK & LINK what they have experienced to how they write their answers. This takes time, and this workshop is a stepping stone to achieve our students’ potential.
    2: PSLE Preparation 2019

On a slightly serious note, we do cater to the needs of our PSLE students as well. This workshop is for our P6 students who need the extra push and skills to handle the exam conditions. We welcome P5 students to have a little head start with us, and to feel more confident in tackling exam questions.

Workshop 1: Mastering Compre Open-Ended & Mastering Process Skills Application

– English takes up the first part of the workshop , students learn to understand how to apply and extract information from the long passages to their advantage. We have to be honest here, 99% of our students loathe the last section of the English Paper 2, but yet this garners the most parts among all the sections. We do have some tricks up our sleeves to make lives easier for our students via this workshop.

– The second part of the workshop teaches our Science students how to step up their Process Skills process identification. Using our DICES techniques, we guide our students to cut down unnecessary time and maximize their marks in other areas.

Workshop 2: Conquering Compo & Conquering Tricky Qns

– Compo writing is a much acquired skill, and to really conquer it, we do have some pointers like showing our students topical examples and model compo pieces to edge up our students’ writing process.

– Science questions can be tricky, and if our students are not aware of what to look out for, the foundation to answer is going to be shaky. We bridge the gap by making the questions easier for our students to understand.

June Prog 2019 (2)

Referring to the above schedule, our available dates and time are stated above. The icons reflect that we are open, and we leave our schedule for our parents to choose, based on a first come first basis, and on a demand and supply model. We decide on this as we find it tough for all of us to find a common time over the month long break. Hence, we work around 3 demands, STEAM Workshop, PSLE PREP Workshop or Regular Lessons, and we supply accordingly.

This is how it works. If you are keen in any of the 3 demands, choose your slot (time and date) and message us @ 91287376 to make payment. We will reserve the slots and open the time to public to garner enough pax to form a class. (Min 5 to start). If there is, we fix the slots, if there is not enough interest, we will either shift the time to other slots or refund if the timing does not work out.

This model is especially catered to 3 groups of parents:

  1. STEAM Workshop: suitable if you are looking for fun and interesting programmes with academic elements.
  2. PSLE Prep Workshop: suitable if your child is taking PSLE this year OR next year.
  3. Regular Lessons: suitable if you need your child to catch up on the weaker subjects over the holidays. P6 students are welcome to attend extra lessons as well

Note: all the above are subjective to availability.

Last of all, for parents who are keen to sign up for the workshop, sign up now to get a FREE PDF Science Mini Lesson Booklet worth $20. (message us to view a sample)

Thank you and looking forward to have your children sow some seeds of serious fun!


1.  This workshop is for meant for students who are keen to learn more over the holidays. 2. Fees paid are STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE (unless workshop is cancelled by me). Please check to confirm your child/ren’s availability before signing up for any of the workshops. 3. If any of the workshops is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, or if the minimum quantity is not reached, I will inform parents 3 working days beforehand. Full refund of fees will then be made.


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