P6 Science / 24 May 2019 Fri / Lungs, Food Web

It is pretty amusing to have a class of different gender. Last year, we also had 2 P6 classes, one for the ladies, the other for the gents. For the lesson, we had 2 activities lined up for our boys, and expected, they were really boisterous, in a positive manner. We got them to blow balloons, to connect their learning with a P5 topic – Respiratory System. We recapped the key words – contraction, expansion, increase, decrease and so on. To see the boys blowing the balloons were hilarious and they were spontaneous to co-operate as much as they could. With each increased activity to get the heartbeat moving, we got them to inflate the balloon and measure the circumference. We recapped along the way.

After resting, it was hard work, they said. We got them to do an activity on Food Web through pair work. They did not have time to complete, so we will continue for the next lesson.

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