P5 Science / Sept Holiday 2019 / Sowing Seeds, Agents Of Pollinators

Another round of fun for our P5s! With the same materials, we align that to learning about the Plant Reproduction. We got them to sow seeds and observe the growth over the week. We showed videos for them to recap about plant reproduction and revisited certain key words for them to remember. The class got excited when we poured a big packet of snacks in the middle of where our students sat. With the edible snacks, we got them to do a role play of them being the agents of pollinators and the snacks being the pollen grains. They were instructed to pick up the “pollen grains”, pop them into their mouths, and used the crumbs from their fingers to “pollinate” the flowers that they had drawn. And guess what, our class gladly did so! It was the survival of the fittest where they had to jostle one another for more “pollen grains”! We had much fun as much as they did!

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