Understanding Science OEQs

In our new series, we are slowly, yet surely preparing another set of quality Science learning aids for our students to do self revision at home or on the go. We are opening these to our non students who are keen to have the cards to study on their own too. There are a few ways to study or revise. Below is a suggested guide. Do feel free to adjust/modify to suit your children’s learning methods.
  1. Read the question carefully.
  2. Highlight the key words as shown.
  3. Refer to TIPS – at the back of your mind, quickly recall what topic(s) the question falls under. That will help you filter the key answers/vocabulary accordingly.
  4. Drop key answers at the side of the question to guide with the flow of the answer.
  5. Finally, string the answers together to form proper sentences.
  6. Read through the final answer again before moving on.
  Cycles - Case Study 1 32
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