PEG your stimulus based conversation (sbc) part 1

*photo source taken from internet*

We created a simple teaching aid to prepare and boost our students’ confidence.

In short, P.E.G stands for:

Predict (what your examiners are going to ask you by looking at the Oral conversation and Picture given.)

Engage ( and maintain eye contact with your examiners and speak directly at them.)

Give (examples of personal experiences or tap on prior knowledge of what you know about the topic)

In this short video, we had a P6 student prepare, predict and present her PEG to us. Why do we do this? We want our students to be ready to answer any questions asked, and for this, we do the groundwork for them. This is not an easy task, and the mindset has to shift. We want to prepare our students to think ahead and prepare, and not wait for the questions to come, then answer. While their prediction may not be the same as what the examiners may ask, at least they are trained to prepare what come may, so it is a win-win situation. This is tried and tested by our previous batches. We will share more in our next posts.

Do watch out for more ideas!



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