Free Teaching Resource: Light & Shadows

How to use shadows to teach Light Energy:
  • Find a plain flat surface as a screen
  • Use a smart phone portable stand
  • Clip and secure the smart phone on the stand
  • Switch on the flashlight option (download the app if smart phone does not have flashlight inbuilt)
  • Adjust the size of the light shone
  • Cut out templates on pieces of paper
  • Templates can be taken from clip art or hand drawn. (for this, our P6 boys drew and cut out the shapes on their own)
  • Ensure the shapes are clear (like a figure of a lion, monkey, shark, etc)
  • Tape the templates on wooden chopsticks/pencils
  • Test out the shadow puppets against the light source
  • For bigger shadows, move the puppets nearer to the light source
  • For smaller shadows, move the puppets further away from the light source
Common questions asked in Exams: Q1: How are shadows formed? A1: Shadows are formed when light reflected on the objects are unable to pass through the objects. Q2: What is a shadow? A2: A shadow is made when light is unable to pass through an opaque or translucent object. (eg, a wooden door, a frosted glass door)
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