Mind Mapping Science (PSLE Revision)

Mind mapping is a useful learning tool for those who are visual learners. Colourful illustrations accompanied with key texts help students learn better, and remember better. This Mind Mapping Science book is created by our founder, who has through the years, realized another effective way to learn is through mind mapping. She has since compiled and put together a whole series of topics from Primary 3 right up to Primary 6. Each mind map is titled according to its topic and whether it is under Lower Block or Upper Block for easy revision.  
Greetings! Mind Mapping Science is intended for students to self-study using the mind maps inside. These mind maps are not exhaustive and students are encouraged to add more of their own mind maps on the blank pages at the back of this book. We hope you will enjoy learning Science the fun way, as much as we do. This book is also dedicated to all my existing/graduated students who have/had helped us to make our my lessons come alive! Every one of them is the reason for this production. We are also inspired to create this book from the wonderful work done by our students!
From the desk of Sowing Seedz Shirleen Tan
Cost: ($15 for existing students)



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