Partial Compo Crafting Chronicles

Dear parents,

We thank you for purchasing our Partial Compo Crafting Chronicles. We see the need to guide our students add in more descriptive phrases, and so, we have compiled and compacted our research throughout the years. This resource is crafted according to the themes normally asked and tested over the examination period. While your child may not lack in ideas, he/she may be clueless in describing aptly in their story plots. Thus, this book comes in handy to address the very problem your child is facing. While this Partial Compo Crafting Chronicles is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive and needs your child to add more on his/her own. Do encourage your child to read more, and include other descriptive phrases from other reliable and trusted sources.

Happy Learning!

From the desk of Shirleen Tan founder of Sowing Seedz
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Sample selected topics: Partial Compo Crafting Chronicles Sample Topics
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