K1-K2 English Writing Bundle

For K1/K2, we hold weekly lessons of a craft-related topic and spin a short story around the craft. For example, if the topic is on time, they may do a DIY watch and write about the watch in our Writing Book. For the next lesson, we will teach them how to write a story compatible in Primary One. We slowly phase our students to integrate into primary school, again, to allow them time to get used to the MOE system.
These packs of 10 are available for purchase, depending on stock. Do drop us a what’s app message @ 91287376 if you are keen to do them together with your child. We will also include our Writing Book for your child to write. You may visit https://sowingseedz.com/2018/06/28/k2-english-writing/ for what we did for our K2 class as an example. Feel free to WA us if you need further enquiries.
(Cost: $15 for existing students)

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