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P5 Science & English

One of the breakthroughs this year is to open up small group lessons. I am trying to get out of my comfort zone to try. I always tell my students if they don’t try, they won’t know. So I have to be a role model to affirm them. Hehe. Managed to match this pair of lovely young ladies from the same school. 

Started with my Science Investigating Tasks Pack and used the Lower Block set for quick revision. Usually schools will only confirm the topics from the second week onwards, so decided not to start on any new topics. 

Making a magnetic bookmark and recapping the properties of magnets. Once connections are linked, learning comes naturally. Of course, usually most lessons start off jerky as students were on a long break and monetarily forgot their work. So got to do a lot of revising again.

Girls are really meticulous and generous with decorating their art work. Impressive work done under 5min. Yes, I timed to ensure no ‘overrun’. Keke. 

Lesson ended with a writing assessment. I’ll need to gauge their standard before implementing any suitable methods for them. 

By Shirleen

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