Finally, full attendance for this class of lovelies! They are so glad it is an all girls class. Girl Powerrrrrr! They did a quick intro among themselves and then delved right into work. Did recap on p3 and p4 work, as the topics for Science is not out yet.  I would say the work done was beyond my expectations. Not the pasting of the feelers, (but I must admit the insects looked good with their bright legs and feelers) but the CAP reflection. CAP = Creativity At Play. I coined it so that my students can use that as a platform to dig deep in their minds, and record their learning on paper. Beautiful art work!  Next investigating task, mitten and thermometer. Topic is on heat. I microwaved the mitten to make it warm enough for the girls to investigate, observe and record.  Check this out! I love to challenge my students to think beyond their comfort zones and to be wild in their creativity. I just so love their mindmaps on heat. See the different interpretation they did? I truly believe in giving them space to think, and they can give you surprises. I only drew a miserable bubble, wrote the word ‘heat’ in that bubble, and got them to write down the key words around that bubble.  We could not complete the last task and will do that the following lesson. Will update again.

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